Factory Unit Resources

The facilities required in a factory unit depend very much on the type of activity being undertaken within the property. Considerations include what power, water and other requirements are needed on-site for the particular manufacturing processes that are being carried out in the factory unit.

For example:

  • Is an industrial (three phase) or a high voltage electricity supply required?
  • Can the local water mains provide adequate volumes of water to sustain production processes? 
  • Are large quantities of gas or oil required for heating and manufacturing processes?
  • Are major water, gas or oil storage facilities required on-site?
  • What types of raw material and component storage are required?
  • Are any hazardous materials used or produced in the factory unit and if so, how are they stored and moved around safely?

Factory Unit Transport Links
The types of transport links required depend to some extent on the nature of the manufacturing process being undertaken and what is being produced in the factory unit. Almost all raw materials and finished goods are moved by road, nowadays, so easy access to the UK motorway network is important.

If the manufacturing process depends on continuity of supply of raw materials and components (i.e. uses just in time (JIT), kanban or similar methodologies) to maintain production, the factory unit should be located close to suppliers, wherever possible. The goods-in section of the factory unit should be carefully designed in order to facilitate the speedy unloading of materials, so that the risk of production being disrupted is reduced to a minimum.

Factory Unit Energy Conservation
With increasing concerns about environmental matters and rising energy prices, energy efficiency is becoming an ever more critical issue in the manufacturing sector. Many new factory units are being built that incorporate energy conservation features such as waste water recycling systems, solar panels and even wind turbines to generate electricity.


  • Adequate water and power resources are prerequisite for a factory unit
  • Reliable raw material and component suppliers are essential for the success of a factory
  • Energy conservation features are becoming increasingly important in factory units
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