Are Your Bank Charges Sky High?

Access Commercial can advise you on the best finance options for your borrowings and assets.

We all check our personal utility costs and how much we are paying on our house mortgage but we tend to stay with out bank regardless of whether they are competitive or not.

It may be because we become comfortable with our bank and it's easier than switching to a competitor or perhaps we think all banks are much the same as each other.

the fact is that each bank have their own ideas on ho much each business sector should be rated for their finance and the differences can be significant. there is a tendency for the first choice for business finance to be our own bank, when there are many other sources also available, with some specialists who are often more flexible.

There is now a growing attitude by the banks to limit the term of a mortgage to five years, whilst reducing or calculating the cost over fifteen years. This means they can refuse to extend beyond the five years.

the banks like to have control of all of the business assets either formally by debentures or floating charges by limiting how the asset can be used, (refusing a further advance. There is some virtue in separating the medium to long term borrowing from the transactional banking.

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