Retail Mortgages

Retail Mortgages

Our retail finance department deals specifically with start-up and existing businesses for expansion or refurbishment and to acquire retail units or land for their development. We can provide help and advice with the right financial solutions for you. Our retail mortgage team is experienced with small-mid range retail finance to high-end shopping centre development mortgages.

Statistics & Trends
Recent research suggests that there are almost 280,000 retail businesses in the UK with annual takings of around £250 billion. The retail sector may be huge and prospering but major changes are occurring as a result of the rise of the large supermarket chains, the development of out of town shopping centres and the increasing popularity of shopping via the internet.

Retail Mortgages Availability
Retail mortgages are available for both start-up and existing businesses to acquire retail units or land for their development. Most high street banks and other commercial lenders will offer mortgages of up to 70 percent of the value of the property and occasionally will offer higher percentages, subject to a suitable business plan being submitted with the mortgage application.

Interest rates charged are usually between 1 and 4 percent above the Bank of England Base Rate, depending on the lender’s assessment of the mortgage applicant’s financial status.

Existing businesses will have to present 2 years’ full trading figures whilst a start-up business will be expected to produce a detailed business plan with plausible income projections. The details contained within a business plan for a retail unit will very much depend on the type of retailing to be undertaken. For example, a business plan for a rural sub post office and general store will be different to a plan for a city centre designer clothes boutique and different again to an out of town DIY store.

Prospective lenders will require the following information about the retail unit:

  • Location of the property
  • Condition of the property
  • Details of road access and parking and how these might affect customers and suppliers
  • Whether the property contains any residential accommodation; (if more than 40 percent of a property is used for residential purposes then any mortgage must meet FCA guidelines)

In addition, lenders will want to know whether the mortgage applicant has any adverse credit history.


  • The retail sector is prospering but is going through a period of change
  • The major supermarket chains are growing more powerful
  • Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and affecting conventional retailers.

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