At Access Commercial Limited we offer a whole of market proposition that means we can offer a product best suited to your business needs. We have access to the best lenders in the market today and will always get the best rate for your circumstances. We can also offer fast decisions and payment in to your account often within a matter of days or hours. Some lenders need very little information and will lend short term loans with very little fuss at all, often not being tied in to any early repayment charges meaning the quicker the loan is repaid the cheaper it is. We are accredited members of the NACFB and are regulated by the FCA.

  • Commercial mortgages on property or land
  • Asset finance
  • Bridging finance
  • Secured & unsecured finance
  • Development finance
  • Bad credit
  • Buy to let & HMO
  • Invoice finance
  • Peer to peer funding
  • Our business financial solutions are used by businesses throughout the UK. As members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) we have access to all commercial lenders in the UK and can provide you with finance or a tailor made business mortgage at the most competitive rates.

Business Finance – Basics of Financing a Business

Without a doubt, the main issue facing anyone looking to purchase a business of any kind is the way in which they are going to raise the necessary finance.

Some businesses require greater initial investment than others, but even low initial requirements have to be met, somehow. Certain costs are very obvious such as premises and equipment; other expenses, however, are less obvious. Considerations include the cost of living during a start-up period which may previously have been met by a regular salary.

Deciding How Much Business Finance You Need

From the moment you decide to set up your new business, you will have to get used to running a very tight budget, knowing exactly where the money is coming from and precisely where it is going to!

Costs fall into two separate categories: set-up and ongoing expenses and both should be financed very differently.

In the initial stages, you are likely to need financial assistance for the ongoing expenses, as most businesses go through a period of loss-making while they develop their client base. This requirement can be included in the start-up costs, although it is important that you remain fully aware of your ongoing costs so that you do not get into the habit of relying on one-off financing to deal with your regular costs.

Getting Your Business Started

As soon as you decide to start a business, you should create your budget. An accurate budget will be needed regardless of whether you intend to raise the finance from a lending institution such as a bank or from investors including shareholders or venture capitalists. Not only will an accurate budget give you an indication of the viability of your business plan, but it will also prove invaluable when it comes to convincing lending institutions that your business proposal is a safe investment. The more prepared you appear, the more confidence your business venture will inspire in others.

Remember that a lending institution will want a return from their investment and the higher the risk they have to take, the more money they will expect back for their input. The better you can convince the lender that you are a lower risk, the less the financing will cost you, in both the short- and medium-term. This, in turn, will have an impact on the type of investment that you choose for your venture.

Business Finance Advice

Most high street banks now have a business arm that can offer specialist advice on how to draw up budgets and how to deal with the financing of your business. If you have a good record as a personal account holder, then this can assist in making the bank take your propositions seriously. In any event, initial meetings with business account managers are normally offered free of charge and are, therefore, a perfect place to start with very little to lose.


Determining how you will finance your business is arguably the most important decision that you will have to make for the future of your business.

Completing an accurate budget that clearly shows the difference between set-up and ongoing costs is vital as this will assist in attracting investors.

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