Have you had previous problems with business funding solutions? Access Commercial are here to help.

  • It used to be that the only was to raise money for your business was either with your current bankers through a business loan overdraft or via a commercial mortgage.
  • Those options were both time consuming and involved a lot of information and strict criteria. Loans were also quite often restricted to terms and amounts that were simply not suitable for your business needs.
  • You would then need to go through the often lengthy process of initial agreement from your bank's business manager all the way through to the bank's risk department for sanctioning.
  • Also a huge drawback of using your current bankers for funding is that they can only advise and offer their own products, which again may not be at all suitable for the needs of your business.

Why use Access Commercial?

  • At Access Commercial Limited, we offer a whole of market proposition which mean we can offer you the best product suited to your business needs.
  • We have access to the best lenders in the market today and will always achieve the best rate for your circumstances.
  • We can also offer fast decisions and payment in to your account, often within a matter of day or even hours in some cases.
  • Some lenders need very little information and will lend short term loans with very little fuss at all, often not being tied in to any early repayment charges meaning the quicker the loan is repaid, the cheaper it is for you.
  • Access Commercial Ltd are accredited members of the NACFB.


  • We offer fast and flexible funding solutions to UK companies with a minimum turnover of £10,000. Sole traders are also eligible.
  • Any amount from £500 to £200,000.
  • Any term from 1 month to 5 years.
  • Loans for any business reason (tax bills, relocation costs, cash-flow aid, rent advance, equipment, machinery, supplies, growth, improvement, refinance etc.)
  • Great rates from 6.5% per annum.

Examples of rates

  • Expansion: retail store requiring £60,000 in unsecured funds. 9%
  • Premises move: engineering firm requiring £100,000 in unsecured funds. 7.6%
  • Tax bill: dental practice requiring £12,000 in unsecured funds. 11.3%

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